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It is time for me to go from the Trip Together site as I have found my new Love there and we will be travelling together as well as in an ongoing relationship! I thank You for all good care and support when it was needed. Special thanks to Maria who helped me in an earlier case. Be well and lots of success with www.triptogether.com - Thanks for all !!

PeterSwiss, Age 57, New York City


Hi, my name is Luigia and thanks to ur website I found great group of friends. I first started chatting to people from around the Italy as I speak Italian. I invited a few of them to my town, Napoli. It was really funny time. We all decided to take trips together. Now we use ur website to talk to local people about what to see. I really recommend this website, I had good experience..

Luiza, 62, Buzău, Romania


Johan and Victoria met on TripTogether and took a breathtaking trip around Africa. They were kind enough to send us a video of their fantastic journey. Get inspired by their adventure, find a travel buddy and trip together!

Johan, 56, Oslo, Norway

Victoria, 45, Smolensk, Russia


I would love to let you know that I have got every thing I need from your services and I'm now arranging my trip with the partner which I have found with the assist of your website service. Thanks for giving me opportunity to find the travel partner I always dream to find…

with My best and kind regards.

Nabil, 42


I’ve been looking for a travel partner for a while but had no luck. I checked a few websites and travel forums but none of them had what I was looking for until I discovered TripTogether. For the first couple of weeks I chatted to a bunch of interesting and fascinating people. I even became inspired to visit Romania by one local whom I’ve met on there. I used the ‘plan your trip’ feature and found a travel mate who also wants to visit Romania at the same time as I do. Great site!

Maria Luisa, 40, Porto, Portugal


I am so happy with your service, i have no problems with it at all. in fact i think i have met the most wonderful person in the world. i want to show her that I’m not looking for anyone else as i’m not. i have to thank you all there for helping me find this lady. I’ve never been so happy in my life. i’m walking on air with the biggest dumbest smile on my face. i wish you all the best and hope your as happy as i am. cheers.

Darrell,44, Liverpool, United Kingdom


Hi everybody, my name is Igor, i’m living in Moscow, Russia. I like active travels, such as ATV rides or rafting. My last vacation I spent beyond the polar circle, learning how to ride on snowboard. Now I’d like to go to South Africa and watch some radically different flora and fauna of that place. So I am looking for new friends on TripTogether to travel with. Thank you!

Igor, 29 y.o., Russia


I’m Victor. I’ve traveled a lot around Russia, riding a kayak (this is a small plastic boat) on the wild rivers and walking through the mountains and the forest. In trips I like to discover new places with "not a tourist" side, to make new friends from locals and communicate with them. I enjoy backpacking, hiking and rafting, and walking around the sights without the crowds of tourists. And here at TripTogether I am looking for people who also love it. Now I want to travel around Southern Europe, Northern Europe and South America.

Victor, 33 years old

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