About TripTogether.com

About TripTogether

At TripTogether.com we’re crazy for adventure and believe that travel and great friends go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’re on a mission to boost your vacation plans with a lively pool of over 50,000 travel companions.

TripTogether lets you talk travel online, hook-up with new friends from overseas, show visitors your favorite spots and share hot tips about places you’re interested in. It doesn’t matter where you’re from so long as you love travel.

Make us your next step whether you’re planning a trip, already on the road or if you just want to chat about your dream adventure.

TripTogether Team

How Our Journey Began…

We’re a team of young and active guys and girls (all avid travelers!) with over 15 years of roadworthy experience. Our backing comes from a travel and social networking think-tank since 1997.

We’re here because we think word-of-mouth is more exciting than any guidebook. So contact us via our Social Media Pages to say hi, share your stories and hear more from us.

Where We're Headed…

Well, our favorite place is the beach or hanging out on a rock face somewhere! But in the meantime we’ll continue making TripTogether the finest social travel network around.

You can enjoy live chat and a bunch of other features on TripTogether but we’ll add more sparkling upgrades as we go along. We’re uber-daring so always keen to introduce new stuff when we can. So join TripTogether and inspire your wanderlust!

Please remember, we think safety is really important when finding a travel companion. So before you find people to travel with please read our FAQ. Or contact our Travel Welfare Team if you need any advice.

Escape in great company with TripTogether!

TripTogether in Numbers

TripTogether in Numbers

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